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Electric Standby Cooling Solutions for Lasting Refrigerating Cargoes when Truck Stops for Kuwait Customer
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Electric Standby Cooling Solutions for Lasting Refrigerating Cargoes when Truck Stops for Kuwait Customer


Recently, we export our K-360RS rooftop standby refrigeration units for his small truck that realize the continuous refrigerating cargoes when truck stops. This solution also get our customer good feedback!


We use our K-360RS truck reefer unit, which is engine driven unit with electric standby system solution export to Kuwait customer for food cargoes temperature-controlled delivery.


Solutions to Make Your Refrigerated Trucks Continuous Refrigerating


If your truck is engine drive, generally only road truck refrigeration units are ok when your truck is on the way. But if your truck driver unloading the goods need to wait a long time, or the driver has to stop the truck to have a night rest for long-distance transport to another city, how to keep the goods to be fresh or freezer inside the truck box when the truck stops?


Our integrated electric standby truck reefer unit can help you to solve this problem.


We use highly compressor to be installed inside the condenser and a full set of standby control system, the unit can continue to work by connecting into your local AC220V-240V power supply or AC110V when your truck stops.


Recently, we exported this K-360RS electric standby truck refrigeration most popular in Middle East area, especially Kuwait for transporting meat, beef and fresh chicken meat, etc.


Brief Introduction of K-360RS Roof Top Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration


Truck Frigo K-360RS truck reefer units can be used in 12-16 cubic meters of the truck box. The road cooling capacity is 1560W(-18℃), 3070W(0℃, the standby cooling capacity is 1590W(-18℃), 2850W(0℃).


The K-360RS truck refrigeration unit works through the engine of truck when on the road, the voltage is 12V/24V. When your truck stops, the K-360RS can be connected to Kuwait local power supply AC240,50HZ to keep fresh and freezer.



Why did we call integrated electric standby refrigeration units?


The reason is that the electric Highly compressor is installed inside of the condenser, it will save space. So you only need to install the QP16 compressor into the engine of the truck is ok.


Besides, for the truck refrigeration units used for high temperatures above 40℃, we recommend use the Danfoss expansion valve and add CPR (Crankcase Pressure Regulator)valve for the K-360RS truck refrigeration units with big cooling capacity.



Distributors are Invited to Resell Truck Frigo Products


Kingclima Industry is devoted to supplying different kinds of transport refrigeration units for over 15 years. And we focus on the latest news of perishable cargoes temperature-controlled delivery equipment a lot and recently our full electric truck refrigeration units and full electric van refrigeration units are hot sales and popularity in the market. In some countries, it also begins to promote their electric commercial vehicles in the market. So we would love to have long-term cooperation with the van or truck bodies factories.



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