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Mid van cooling units Uzbekistan

Model V300
Temperature Range(In Container):-20℃ ~ +30℃ / 0℉ ~ +86℉
Voltage:DC12V / DC24V
Defrosting: Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)
Kingclima V-300 van transport refrigeration units apply to small van or and medium refrigerated cargo vans with 6-17m³ van body box and the temperature can be flexible to choose. The van reefer units with chiller and freezing function for transporting fresh fruits, milk ,ice cream ,vegetables, meat, dairy products and seafood.
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1. Why Choose us?
A. Reliable quality and competitive Price
B: Professional and well trained sales, and 24 Hours Technical support
2. What is your Warranty Policy?
Firstly, we provide 12 months warranty from the date of delivery. Free spare parts will be provided if the parts defective for quality reason during the warranty period. But videos and fault description will be need for engineer double check first! Damage or defective caused by improper use not covered by warranty.
3. Are these products in stock? How long is the lead time?
Normally, the lead time is around 1 weeks for small order, for large quantity order please check with sales directly

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Apr 22, 2020 · Ceiling Fans & Van Air Conditioning Ceiling fans. In order to keep your van cool in the summer as well as to prevent condensation in your van in the winter, I highly recommend installing 1 or 2 ceiling fans, depending on the length of your vehicle. In the 170” Sprinter Van, 2 fans work great. We have one over our galley and another over the bed.

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U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan

U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call +998 781205450. Outside of Office Hours, contact: +998 781205450. Outside of Uzbekistan: +998 781205450

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2. Reduced Noise: The van bulkhead will isolate the driver from the cargo area and reduce any noise coming from the back area of the van. 3. Driver Comfort: By reducing the amount of space that needs to be cooled or heated, the occupants are given a much better level of temperature control to make for a comfortable ride. 4.

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For Mid Van For Pickup/Bakkie/UTE For Truck(12-18m³) our client in South America install transport cooling units C150F and share with us. ... Uzbekistan company ...

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Prior to using any of these drawings, make certain it is the correct revision for your application. Please contact Trans/Air directly if you do not know which drawing number (part number) or revision you need or if you require technical assistance. 503412 - 8-10-12 Hose, 134A - GM Fact.

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<h3>another bkingclimah of refrigeration unit for truck is busy in </h3>

another bkingclimah of refrigeration unit for truck is busy in

Feb 23, 2022 · GM Chevrolet Labo is a minitruck, which is made in Uzbekistan. From the year of 2017, Kingclima start supply OEM refrigeration units to Labo in Uzbekistan, and from 2020 year in Kazakhstan, Mid-Asia. GM Labo is belongs to General motor and plant is in Uzbekistan Mid-Asia. It's the biggest motor plant in mid-Asia.

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