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We provide our customers with instructions for the installation and use of the van chiller unit. After receiving the van freezer unit, the customer can choose to install and use it according to the instructions.Kingclima provides customized service, fulfilling all your demands and needs,van reefer refrigeration unit, exported to the world.

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In the process of cold chain transportation, kingclima’s van refrigeration units can effectively solve the problem of storing goods at temperatures above -5 degrees Celsius for fresh products, and below -5 degrees Celsius for frozen products,to meet the different needs of users.Van refrigeration unit to help ensure your product is kept at the proper temperature.


Our Factory Strength


Kingclima has been devoted to van refrigeration unit manufacture since 2002. Through 20 years of development, Kingclima has now grown into a mature source supplier of van reefer unit that has 6 production lines and more than 50 types of transport refrigeration units.Insists on high standards in the production of cargo van refrigeration units, while constantly updating and improving them to meet the requirements of today’s competitive market, and has established long-term relationships with many countries in the import and export of van reefer units.

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Diversified van models, choose your refrigeration unit


Delivery of van freezer unit

delivery of van refrigeration unit

Kingclima provides customized service fulfilling all your demands and needs,one-year warranty and after-sales service, safe and convenient to use.Fridge unit for van has excellent quality, fast delivery, competitive price, the recognition of winning customers is our consistent standard.


How to choose the refrigeration unit during transportation?


In the case of increasing market demand for cold chain logistics, during the transportation of goods, usually, due to insufficient storage at the destination, unloading in time, etc., the delivered products such as food, fruits, vegetables, etc., The product cannot be maintained in a fresh state, and the product deteriorates. Therefore, the selection of the van refrigeration unit used for short-distance distribution is particularly important.


So in the process of short-distance transportation, how should we choose a van refrigeration unit?


First of all, although the current refrigeration unit models are diverse, the customer’s focus is still on the price. For users who travel between cities, compared with other similar products, the cost-effective product always ranks first.


Under normal circumstances, according to the cooling power, it is divided into non-independent units, independent units, etc. In view of the relatively small space of vehicles using vans, and most of them are short-distance urban distribution, they basically use non-independent units and refrigerating compressors. Driven by the vehicle’s engine, the condenser is placed on the roof or the top of the cargo box. This not only lowers the purchase cost, but also makes it relatively convenient to find a repair point even if it fails, and it is also more convenient for customers to maintain later. As the name suggests, the independent unit has its own independent power system. The cooling does not rely on the engine of the vehicle. The compressor is driven by the unit’s own power system for cooling. It is generally used in refrigerated vehicles with larger cargo compartments, such as trucks and trailers. However, in special medical transportation, the independent unit is also used, which can provide different unit solutions for different customers.


The size of the carriage is also an important factor in the selection of the unit. According to the different vehicles, the capacity of the carriage that can be carried, the refrigeration unit used is also different, you need to look at the requirements of each different cargo, you can Flexible choices are required, after all, the best for you is the best.

Choose according to the temperature requirements of the goods being transported. Different goods have different temperature requirements, and the corresponding cooler power and model are also different. For example, the distribution of frozen food such as ice cream generally requires a low temperature of minus 18 degrees, and the transportation of cold meat requires minus. 5 degrees Celsius, different fresh fruits and vegetables require different temperatures, so it is clear that the products to be transported, especially for vaccines and medicines with special requirements for transport temperature.


At present, there are various brands of refrigerators in the market, and the brands are also one of the focus of everyone’s usual focus. In the refrigeration industry, carrier and thermoking are the world’s first-generation refrigerator chiller brands, although their sales in the world are relatively high. , But the price is expensive, the maintenance cost is higher, and it is more time-consuming and laborious. In contrast, as a domestic refrigeration brand, kingclima is moderately priced. In the selection of unit accessories, it uses the same configuration as the carrier and thermoking. The quality of the units is better. The countries where the units are sold include Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Morocco, etc. Generally, they can be used for 3-5 years. Customers start counting from the date of purchase and enjoy a 1-year warranty. The maximum Provide customers with protection.kingclima looks forward to cooperating with you!

frozen refrigeration units for vans of different vehicle type

Are you looking for a good cooling solution for van? With the continuous development and expansion of the refrigeration industry, the refrigeration unit has also grown rapidly. Different customers have different needs for refrigeration units. According to the different van models of customers, how should we choose a suitable refrigeration unit?


As one of the leading manufacturers of transport refrigeration units in China, kingclima refrigeration equipment has developed a full range of transport refrigeration units since 2002 to meet different requirements and to meet the needs of global customers for refrigeration solutions for units. It is guaranteed that the customer’s model can be matched to the appropriate unit no matter what type it is. Whether you own a van of Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, etc., or other brands of van, as long as you want to find a suitable unit, kingclima will provide you with reliable and fast cooling effects. With good refrigeration units Solutions and cheap prices, we have won the trust and praise of customers around the world.


Generally speaking, a transport refrigerator is a device used on refrigerated transport vehicles, mainly used to keep the goods fresh or frozen during transportation. The refrigeration unit includes a condenser, an evaporator, a compressor, a controller, a Hoses, wires and other spare parts, transport refrigeration units For customers, temperature, climate, installation, drive mode, etc. are the main concerns of customers.


(1) Temperature: There is a temperature control system on the unit. The customer can manually adjust the temperature up or down according to the type of storage product being pulled. It has strong flexibility to keep the goods in a perfect refrigerated or Fresh state. For example, if you are transporting frozen goods at -18 degrees Celsius, a van refrigeration unit is a good choice. If you are transporting fresh fruits and vegetables, you only need to adjust the temperature to the fresh-keeping range during use.


(2) Our customers are located in many countries in the world, and there are diverse and multi-model van units for users to choose from. For places with high ambient temperature and high humidity, the high humidity environment will reduce the suction/discharge of the compressor. The air temperature will lead to rapid frost formation and poor heat exchange effect. In this case, we recommend customers to use high model units with additional CPR valves and large cooling capacity. For customers in extremely cold regions, because the type of stored goods has high heat, it is recommended to use a large-scale unit with heating function, so that the product can be pre-cooled first, and then the product can be refrigerated or kept fresh.


(3) In installation, our refrigerating unit has a basic structure and configuration, so the failure rate is very low, which greatly saves the service cost for our customers in overseas markets. In addition, the installation is fast and the maintenance is convenient. Nose mount, top mount, bottom mount, customers can choose the installation location at will according to their van models, and the installation manual is attached, and the installation is simple.


(4) There are a wide range of drive modes, including DC drive, engine direct drive, and diesel engine drive for different customers to choose from.


kingclima also provides customers with professional advice, equipment maintenance and after-sales service guidance, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

Three tips for refrigeration units in daily use


1. Before loading, the carriage must be pre-cooled or preheated.



Before loading, the carriage must be pre-cooled for about 1.5 hours. Because the vehicle is parked in the open air, the temperature of the compartment is usually the temperature of the external environment. Generally speaking, the temperature of the goods being transported cannot be the ambient temperature. If it is, there is no need for refrigerated truck transportation. When the goods are loaded into the carriage, the ambient temperature in the carriage will affect the temperature of the transported goods, resulting in changes in the quality of the transported goods. Therefore, the carriage must be pre-cooled to the necessary temperature before loading to ensure the cooling effect of the machine before loading.



2. Turn off the refrigerator to assemble and unload the goods, and the temperature loss of the refrigerator will be slower



When loading and unloading, the refrigeration unit must be turned off. Many people do not turn off the refrigeration unit when loading and unloading goods, thinking that this will make the temperature of the goods rise more slowly. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. If the refrigeration unit is not turned off, when the door of the compartment is opened, because the fan of the evaporator of the refrigeration unit is working, the fan blows the cold air out from the upper part of the compartment, and the lower part will quickly suck in the hot air from the outside, which causes the temperature in the compartment to rise rapidly. ; If the cargo is loaded and unloaded after the machine is turned off, because the fan is in a stopped state, the air flow stops, the wind pressure inside and outside the cabin is the same, and the speed of the hot air from outside is slower.



3. Clean the refrigerated compartment frequently to keep the interior of the compartment clean and clean



During the storage and transportation of the product, attention should be paid to maintaining the sanitation of the interior of the compartment at all times, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of strange smells in the compartment, and at the same time prevent the evaporator fan of the refrigeration unit from sucking impurities into the evaporator coil, thereby reducing the The cooling effect of the refrigeration unit.


How To Install The Refrigeration Unit On your Van?

As you know,Kingclima provides customers with guidance on the use of the installation, here are 5 tips for you.

1. Installation of refrigeration unit

The refrigeration unit is located as close as possible to the evaporator, easy to maintain, good heat dissipation. If the installation needs to be moved out, the corresponding canopy is required. The refrigeration unit needs to be equipped with anti vibration washer at four corners, which is installed horizontally and firmly, and is not easy to be touched.

2. Installation of radiator of refrigeration unit

The radiator is placed near the refrigeration unit. It is better to put the refrigeration unit in the upper position, and the radiator installation position has the best heat dissipation environment. The suction outlet should not face the outlet of other equipment, especially oily gas. The air outlet should not be short circuited.

3. Discharge of copper tube in refrigeration unit

All copper pipes need to be wrapped together with air-conditioning ties and wires in the same direction, and straight pipes should be fixed in neat sections.

4. Wire discharge

All wires shall be protected by corrugated hose or wireway, and the temperature display wire shall not be aligned with the wire.

5. Refrigeration unit system connection

Since the condenser and evaporator of the refrigeration unit are sealed by pressure, there should be pressure when opening the seal. Through this we can check if there is a leak. During the construction, attention should be paid to dust prevention to prevent dust from entering into the pipe. The copper pipe from condenser to refrigeration unit to evaporator is connected by welding, and the interface should be firm and beautiful.

After the installation of refrigeration unit, its function can be fully played, which can help us better achieve the purpose of refrigerated goods.

good news for u: brand new van freezer units from kingclima factory!

At present, in the refrigeration industry, well-known brands such as carrier and thermoking occupy the product demand of most customers. As one of the distributors in the refrigeration industry in China, kingclima has more than 20 years of production and sales experience. The products produced include refrigeration units and various refrigerated boxes. The units are widely used and can be used in van, truck, trailer and tricycle to meet the needs of different types of customers.

Last month, a customer in Indonesia needed vegetable transport, milk, cool drinks transport. According to the customer’s storage product type, the type of van used and the volume of the carriage, we recommended V-300, V-350 to the customer For customers to choose, after comparing other brands, Evan, an Indonesian customer, wisely decided to choose our refrigeration units. During the process of cooperation, we live up to the trust of customers. The quality test of the product is carried out before the shipment, and the quality inspection is carried out before each unit is shipped to ensure that there is no quality problem. The order for 20 V-300 units is completed on time, and the delivery is smooth, so that customers can use the product with confidence.

The refrigeration unit of the V-300 model is usually designed for small customers who use van. It is the best choice for storing vine, flowers, frozen meat, vaccines, etc. The temperature can be from zero to 30 degrees – minus 30 degrees.

Why Indonesian customers choose Kingclima:
After talking with customers and understanding their requirements, our professional sales staff come up with suitable and economical cooling solutions. After the customer fully understands the market and products, the order is confirmed.

1. We have professional engineers and provide 24-hour online service to provide immediate needs for customers all over the world.
2. More than 85 countries provide you with perfect after-sales service.
3. High quality productivity and 12 months warranty validity.

If you need a refrigeration unit, please contact us, we are always looking forward to your visit.

Standardization van refrigerated unit for cold chain

In China, cold chain logistics has been developed for more than ten years, and cold chain equipment has become more and more perfect and standardized. As one of the tools of cold chain transportation, refrigeration unit has become more common in the installation and use of vehicles.

Kingclima, as the leading refrigerated unit transport supplier in China, has more than 20 years of experience in the production and sales of refrigeration units in the refrigeration manufacturing industry since 2002, and has established long-term cooperative relationships with distributors of refrigeration units around the world.

The refrigeration unit has a wide range of uses. It can be used in various models of van, truck and trailer. It can be applied to a variety of temperatures. It has achieved the effect of refrigeration and freezing. With the important links and facilities of cold chain transportation, in the city More applicable and more advantageous.

In the process of use and transportation, the advantages of van refrigeration unit are more obvious.

1. The city is infinite and brisk, the pioneer of urban cold chain distribution
2. Simple and practical, the installation method is simple, there are two methods for users to choose: top-mounted and front-mounted.
3. The appearance is comfortable and smooth. In the process of use, it has strong bearing capacity and pressure resistance, is not easy to deform, and has good safety. During the storage process, it can be used to store a variety of transported products, including medicines and vaccines. Isosensitive products are also well protected.

The transport refrigeration unit produced by kingclima can be applied to the van of 6~10 cubic meters, and can also be customized according to the size of the customer’s specific model and the products to be pulled.

● Ultra-thin condenser and evaporator, durable and elegant fiberglass shell

● Large capacity and large coil, large air volume

● Quick and easy installation, less maintenance

● Digital multi-function control panel, easy to operate

The driving method is directly driven by the engine, using R404a refrigerant, large coil condenser and evaporator for atmospheric flow. We welcome resellers to resell this product in your local market.

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from china van refrigeration units for reefer van

With the sustainable development of refrigerated transportation, the refrigerated units for transportation have also grown rapidly. As one of the leading manufacturers of transport refrigeration units in China, kingclima produces refrigeration units as a kind of equipment used in refrigerated transport vehicles to keep the goods fresh or frozen during transportation. The structure of the product includes condenser, Evaporators, compressors, controllers, hoses, wires and other spare parts.

The refrigeration unit can be classified into the following categories in use:
(1) Classified according to temperature requirements, van refrigeration unit has the function of freezing and keeping fresh.
(2) Classification by installation method: it is divided into front/nose, top and bottom. Users can flexibly install the van refrigeration unit according to their model and box size.

What points need to be considered when using a transport refrigeration unit?

1. Your temperature requirements and the size of the carriage:
If you are transporting frozen goods, you can adjust the temperature to -18 degrees Celsius. If you are transporting fresh fruits and vegetables, you can adjust to the range of refrigerated preservation. Usually, it is suitable for reefer vans within 4-6 meters.

2. Local climatic conditions:
For different climatic regions, the usage requirements of van refrigeration unit are also different.
For places with high ambient temperature and high humidity, the high humidity environment will reduce the suction/discharge temperature of the compressor, resulting in rapid frost formation and poor heat exchange effect. For users of refrigeration units in tropical areas, in this case Below, we recommend refrigeration units with larger cooling capacity. For example, customers can choose a split backup refrigeration unit or an integrated backup refrigeration unit to meet their needs, so that when the vehicle engine is turned off, the refrigeration unit can still work normally.

As one of the professional transport refrigeration unit manufacturers, kingclima has developed a full range of transport refrigeration units that can be used to meet different requirements, suitable for -30 to 30 degrees Celsius, and the box size of 1~55 cubic meters, DC drive/direct drive/diesel drive mode and roof/nose/bottom mounting mode to meet customer needs. We also provide customers with professional advice, equipment maintenance and after-sales service. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.


refrigerated van unit factory-china professional supplier


With our rich experience in refrigerated refrigeration and professional services, kingclima has won the support, trust and recognition from customers all over the world. As a professional distributor of refrigerated units in China, our units can be used on van, truck, tricycle, etc., providing customized refrigeration services for different refrigerated users.


van refrigeration unit

Kingclima insists on the concept of mutual benefit and win-win, developing together with consumers, providing maximum convenience for users and providing the best solutions for refrigerated vehicle body manufacturers and cold chain transport companies.


why choose kingclima van refrigeration unit?


1.The van refrigeration unit is a low-voltage unit that can be used when the engine is turned off and plugged in to external AC power, so you can use electric backup power when loading or parking, saving costs and protecting the environment. This saves money and protects the environment.


2.The v-series refrigeration unit-is a full DC 12V electric van refrigeration unit, with fast cooling, low consumption and beautiful appearance in the process of use. He will install it on minivans and tricycles. Since minivans and tricycles do not have enough installation space, many cold chain logistics companies consider using electric van refrigeration units. Since our electric refrigeration unit can be adjusted from -18 degrees to +15 degrees, it is very convenient to transport ice cream, beef, cakes and beverages, as well as flowers, medicines and vaccines, etc. It has been highly evaluated and praised by customers all over the world.


About more about refrigerated units, you are welcome to visit our factory at any time, we will always welcome distributors of refrigerated units from all over the world to participate in our business to establish cooperation with us!



How to convert a refrigerated van?


You’ve probably seen many refrigerated vans on busy roads. But have you ever thought about how important it is to deliver food at the right temperature? As there are many options for refrigerated vans, the main purpose of these vans is to deliver fresh food. The refrigeration compressor in the van must be running properly for this to happen. So that’s why it’s important to convert a refrigerated van.


How does a refrigerated van work?


First of all a refrigerated van is driven and operated by a refrigerated system. The compressor works by drawing in gaseous refrigerant and then compressing it. The pressure of the compressor liquefies the refrigerant and radiates heat to the compressor and the air around it. The refrigerant has now become a cold liquid because it has released most of its heat into the condenser.

The insulation panels on the refrigerated truck must be waterproof to prevent cold air from escaping. The cool room panels are constructed of the best insulation and framed to withstand temperatures up to 20 degrees. Reefer vans can be used to transport perishable goods by freezing, refrigerating or split temperature transport.

Reefer vans are used in a wide range of applications, while a variety of sizes are available to accommodate payloads ranging from small to large.

Trusting m,using a refrigerated truck for transport will save you unnecessary expenses.

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