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We are Leading tricycle reefer manufacturer in China! With over 10 years experience in cold chain storage industry, we are capable of producing highly functional electric tricycle refrigerated units of superior quality.




The refcycle has a compact design and lower power consumption than similar products, providing customers with simple and user-friendly operations.

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Features of High-Quality Frozen Tricycle

(1)Small size,convenient and flexible.(2)Can be cooled with mobile battery.(3)remote temperature control system.

(4)Control the whole process of cold chain logistics monitoring.

(5)Fresh frozen,adjustable temperature,automatic temperature control.

(6)Can be combined with various types of electric tricycles, electric pedicabs.(7)Heat insulation,sun protection, anti-corrosion, good insulation performance.(8)Low consumption, low cost, pure electric drive design, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

How to achieve rapid cooling in short-distance transportation?

In short-distance transportation, the refrigerated tricycle is the best first choice to achieve rapid cooling of the products delivered, and in the process of use, it can achieve the “last mile” delivery needs.

The freezing tricycle has strong refrigeration power, precise temperature control, built-in battery, cycle charging, excellent refrigeration effect inside the box, pure electric drive design, zero release, no contamination of food, after each charge, can be used for a range of 55 km, for short distance travel can greatly improve the range and driving comfort, climbing ability is stronger, for the delivery of a wider range of products. It can transport fresh meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, ice lollies, ice cream, etc., which can realize customers’ demand for refrigerated transportation in many aspects.

For storage of products requiring different temperatures, the temperature range of kingclima’s refrigerated tricycle can reach -30 degrees to -20 degrees, so customers can adjust the temperature according to their needs.

What is the best solutions to deliver fresh products?

With the increasing awareness of resource conservation and environmental protection among more and more customers all over the world, in the process of short-distance transportation, how to transport fresh products in a more energy-efficient way? B100, B150, B200, B350 electric drive refrigerated tricycles produced by kingclima are the first choice of modern customers for short-distance transportation products. It can ease congestion in urban centers while reducing noise pollution.

As a domestic distributor of refrigerated tricycle, we follow the enterprise spirit of “Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and Integrity”, we aim to create greater value for our buyers, with a wide range, good quality, reasonable The price and fashionable design can be used to transport different kinds of products such as ice cream, fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, etc., so as to better realize the “last mile” cold fresh delivery and avoid the quality of the transported products. Drop and spoilage in transit.

why choose refrigerated tricycle of kingclima?

1. Small size, easy to move, applicable to different roads, flexible and convenient to move, low cost.

2. Applicable to 12V/24V/48V DC voltage, the use process to ensure safety.

3. Using electric drive, excellent green environmental protection, no pollution, no emissions, can reduce PM2.5, reduce urban noise.

4. Can adjust different temperature range according to the different requirements of the products transported by customers for refrigeration and preservation.

5. Provide box size, electric tricycle / two-wheeler OEM service.

So choose kingclima, choose your new fresh delivery style.

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