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cooling box for truck

Kingclima devoted to the research and development of efficient cooling solutions for cold chain transport for 20 years. Sandwich panel refrigerated truck body is made of Polyurethane foam, 304 stainless steel, and fiberglass. Being thick and solid, keep your cargoes cool to – 30 degree. Provide customized services for your specific needs.

1.One-piece, roto-molded polyethylene shell for durability.
2.Polyurethane insulation for maximum ice retention.
3.Full length, self-stopping, integrated hinges keep lid securely open when you need it.
4.Multiple tie-down points to secure cooler,scratch and UV-resistant exterior.
5.Gasketed, drain offers screw-in plug designed to allow water to drain when partially opened and leak proof when closed.
6.No sweat design keeps it dry on the outside,freezer style sealing gasket locks out the heat.

As a serious and professional cooling boxes manufacturer, kingclima always pays more attention to quality and research.More than 300 pcs cooler boxes are being finished every day, all of the cooler boxes offered by kingclima must pass the 100% inspection within the 4th inspection.

1.The requirements for cold resistance are relatively high, and it is not easy to deform during use.
2.It has excellent impact resistance, it is not easy to break under heavy pressure or impact, and it will not leave scratches, and it can be used continuously.
3.It has good airtightness and freshness preservation, which can keep the freshness of the product more effectively.
4.According to the size of the customer’s car model, we can provide customers with the most suitable size. In terms of color, appearance, and logo, it supports customized design to meet the storage needs of different customers.

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How to effectively delay the service life of the cooling box during use?

1. Regular cleaning is required to ensure that the cabinet has no peculiar smell, so as to have a better refrigeration and preservation effect during use.

2. The refrigerated box has a solid structure,during the storage process, avoid collisions with other hard objects, which can effectively increase the service life.

what can you do with the refrigerated box ?

In the post-epidemic era , more and more customers have higher demand for cold chain transportation . Therefore , in the process of cold chain transportation , the transported products can be more assured . At present , customers have become the primary choice for cold chain transportation.

First of all , let us understand : what are the structures of the refrigerated box ? The box body of the refrigerated truck is composed of the thermal insulation truck box board . The board is composed of inner and outer skins , insulation layers and skeletons , which are bonded by special adhesives . In the process of daily hauling and use , you can choose a suitable box to use according to the cargo you usually carry.

Therefore , the main function of the refrigerated box are to play the role of heat preservation , which can effectively to improve the cool efficiency of the cooler inside the box , enhance the cold circulation inside the box , and save fuel consumption costs . When the box is full of goods , the cold air Only the uppermost cargo can be blown . When there are ventilation slots , the cold air will pass through the ventilation slots at the top , tail , and bottom of the box , in a state of air-conditioning circulation , which makes loading and unloading faster and more convenient for workers , and can also effectively reduce the discharge of cold air . which can effectively protect the box structure and prolong the service life of the box.

What products can be transported during the storage and transportation of cold chain items ? Suitable for vaccines , biological products , pharmaceuticals and blood products , alcohol , beverages , milk beverages , refrigerated meat , etc . Under the diversified transportation conditions , clarifying your own needs and choosing according to the actual situation , the correct use of the refrigerated box can save your own purchase cost , and it can also be more effective in later maintenance.

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