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fresh trailer refrigeration by kingclima, for the refrigerated transport industry!

Kingclima is committed to reducing emissions, improving sustainability and increasing efficiency throughout the refrigerated transport industry, putting green credentials first and providing innovative solutions to customers.Giving customers the greatest guarantee of refrigerated use, in the process of use, in addition to reducing customers’ operating costs, but also to reduce noise exposure.


Until in 2022, kingclima has established relationships with more than 50 countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Arabia, and we have distributors all over the world. The feedback from customers for our trailer refrigeration units is good performance, high quality, good price, and professional sales attitude, which is well received by customers.Choose kingclima, choose a new life style!


In the appearance of the structure, the use of integral structure, the appearance of a new and unique design, reasonable arrangement of parts, easy to install and operate, the use of special compressors for transport refrigeration, more durable, direct drive by AC, the use of environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A, built-in with internal thread groove copper tube and corrugated aluminum fins, long life, high performance, each unit is checked and test run before leaving the factory, 100 percent ensure the use of the product effect.

Why set the temperature range of the refrigeration unit?

As we all know, when loading, the compartment must be pre-cooled first, because the trailer is parked in the open air, and the temperature of the compartment is usually the ambient temperature. If the temperature of the goods being transported is not the ambient temperature, and the goods are loaded into the compartment, the ambient temperature will affect the temperature of the transported goods, resulting in changes in the quality of the transported goods.

During the transportation of the cooling unit, it is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to reduce the temperature of the goods. When the external cold (heat) source is radiated, conducted, and convection into the box, the cold air belt blown by the refrigeration unit Go, isolate the heat source from entering the goods, so that the transported products can always be maintained in a constant temperature range.

Therefore, when loading the cargo, the customer must first measure the temperature of the loaded cargo. If the set point temperature of the refrigeration unit is higher or lower than the cargo temperature, it is difficult for the cargo temperature in the compartment to reach the temperature required for transportation. The storage temperature of the goods must be consistent with the transportation temperature. If the temperature of the goods changes frequently, moisture will be lost, which will lead to changes in the quality of the goods, which will shorten the shelf life of the goods.

So, taking into account the saving of transportation costs, how to correctly set the temperature of the refrigeration unit during loading and transportation? First we should refer to the type of cargo being pulled.
For pulling cold drink sorbet, etc., the general temperature setting should be -5° to -15°. Of course, the internal temperature can be adjusted freely for different types of pulling goods. The minimum temperature can be adjusted to minus 30°C, the highest It can be adjusted to 20°C. For frozen meat, aquatic products, quick-frozen food, etc., because such food is easily deteriorated during transportation and storage, the temperature can generally be adjusted to minus 15°C to meet the demand, so set refrigeration The temperature range of the unit can effectively avoid product deterioration.

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Tips for the use of trailer refrigeration units

Kingclima , as a manufacturer specializing in all kinds of refrigeration units , has more than 10 years of production experience , while maintaining long-term cooperation with many well-known brands , while selling to North America , South America , the Middle East , Africa and many other countries and regions .

With the improvement on people’s living standards and the importance of the cold chain food safety delivery , in the development of the cold chain industry transportation , refrigeration units are also used more and more widely in the cold chain industry , the trailer refrigeration unit produced by kingclima professional for the cold chain industry customers to provide reliable and efficient The trailer refrigeration units produced by kingclima are specialized in providing reliable and efficient transport temperature control solutions for customers in the cold chain industry , maximizing customer satisfaction.

Generally we can divide the common trailer refrigeration units into non-standalone refrigeration units and standalone refrigeration units . Non-independent refrigeration unit can be used in 8ft-10ft refrigerated trailers , for the cold chain industry customers , the price is cheap and relatively easy to accept , the structure is relatively simple , the later in the process of use is also easy to maintain .

In the process of use , the non-independent trailer refrigeration unit is installed in the front of the box , and the regulated air is sent to all part with the car through the wind slot at the top of the trailer and finally returned to the refrigeration unit under the action of pressure difference , and the goods are pre-cooled to the appropriate temperature required by the goods before loading . If in the city or county short distance distribution , such as meat , milk , etc , the use of non-independent trailer unit is the best choice , even if there is any failure , the later maintenance is also easy ; long-distance transport , we recommend that customers use stand-alone refrigeration unit , because in the long-distance transport process even if the car engine stops working , the refrigerator can still be normal refrigeration , to ensure the transport of goods safety .

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