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In the cold chain supply chain, truck refrigeration unit have been such an integral part of the supply chain, that it’s impossible to imagine life without the truck reefer unit transport.


As we all know, using the refrigeration unit is the only way to maintain freshness, prevent deterioration, and maintain value during the transportation of products. As the global cold chain transportation trade increases year by year, and customers continue to demand refrigerated products With the increase, the refrigeration unit for truck has become more and more popular with customers. With the fast cooling effect and excellent storage performance, the truck freezer unit is the first choice for refrigerated transportation.


In the long-distance transportation process, the refrigeration unit for truck can be applied to agricultural products, meat and dairy products, fresh seafood, baked products, etc., as well as other sensitive items such as medical products and medicines. To avoid and solve the problem of deterioration and deterioration caused by stored products during long-distance transportation, the refrigeration units we provide have a variety of classifications, which are more convenient to use. As long as the user provides the truck model of the stored product, you can find a suitable truck refrigeration unit.



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(1) Tailor-made: We have a variety of types of truck chiller units, including high-voltage electric refrigeration units, integrated electric standby refrigeration units, and fuel refrigeration units. Our custom refrigeration solutions are direct drive which means our solutions are powered by the vehicle’s engine,the truck The refrigeration unit becomes an integrated and more reliable transporting tools, and delivers the dependability needed to efficiently transport the goods. During the course of use, the fridge unit for truck has 1-year warranty and Provide free parts replacement service.


(2) Shipping time: By ship is generally about 20-35 days, 40 days is the longest time limit.


(3) Temperature control:Our direct drive refrigeration system can maintain the ideal constant temperature during the transportation of cold chain products, to achieve continuous fresh or frozen storage.

(4) Refrigeration performance: simple and convenient, the truck reefer unit is specially designed for long-distance refrigerated transportation and is durable.



We can provide customers with installation drawings of front-mounted truck refrigeration units,  and guide users to install and use.

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The truck chiller unit can meet your needs for refrigeration products. Kingclima has more than 15 years of experience in providing customers with high-quality refrigeration solutions. The truck frigo unit is simple to install and operate, designed for performance, and has good durability. It is all transport the premier solution required in the refrigeration industry.

How to maximize the cooling effect of the refrigeration unit?

  So far, the cold storage industry has entered the chinese market for more than 20 years, especially in the past 10 years, it has been used more and more widely, from storing food, medicine, chemical products, flowers, seafood, etc., all with long-distance cold chain transportation As one of the distributors of the refrigeration system in China, kingclima is working hard to create a new benchmark for china’s cold chain industry, and is committed to becoming a professional cold chain technology solution provider, providing the world’s cold chain users with the largest convenient.



The principle of the truck refrigeration unit in the use process is that when the external cold source flows into the compartment through radiation, conduction, and convection, the refrigeration unit can take away the blown-out cold air and isolate the heat source from entering the goods, thereby ensuring the temperature of the goods. Ensure that the goods can be stored and transported in good condition.


  During our normal use, the maintenance and maintenance of the truck refrigeration unit are inseparable. Only when the equipment is properly maintained and maintained on time can the normal use of the equipment and the service life of the equipment be prolonged. The refrigeration unit is maintained and maintained according to the operating hours of the engine. The usual refrigeration unit is maintained and maintained every 500-700 hours.


  According to different unit models, different driving methods are used, which are divided into diesel drive, electric drive, etc. Users can go to the repair shop for regular scientific maintenance and maintenance according to the type and model of the unit purchased by themselves, which can not only ensure the integrity of the equipment, but also it can also reduce operating costs.


  When transporting the products to the destination, remember to turn off the refrigeration unit when unloading, because when we pre-cool the vehicle, if we do not shut it down, when we open the car door because the fan of the refrigeration unit evaporator is working, the front of the fan is Positive pressure and negative pressure on the back, so the cold air blows out from the upper part of the compartment, and the lower part will quickly suck in the hot air from outside, causing the temperature in the compartment to rise rapidly; therefore, the refrigeration unit is turned off before loading and unloading goods, due to the fan in the stopped state, the airflow stops and the wind pressure inside and outside the compartment is the same, so that the speed of the external hot air passing into the compartment is relatively slow, and the state of freshness or refrigeration is ensured.


  When loading goods, do not stack the goods too high and make sure that the height of the goods is not higher than the plane height of the air outlet. If the front of the air outlet is blocked by the cargo or is too close to the cargo, it will not only affect the storage and transportation temperature of the cargo but also affect the normal operation of the refrigeration unit. Because the air outlet is blocked by the cargo, when the cargo is too close to the air outlet, the coil in the evaporator of the unit will quickly frost, the air induction switch will act immediately, and the unit will quickly enter the defrosting state; when the coil temperature rises, defrost immediately Finish. As a result, the above-mentioned reciprocating operation of the unit will cause the temperature in the compartment to fail to drop. In fact, it is caused by too high cargo.


  Finally, it should be noted when using it, and the floor of the carriage should be kept clean. Due to the action of the evaporator fan, air will circulate in the compartment, causing debris or dirt on the ground to be sucked in by the evaporator fan. Long-term action will cause a large number of impurities to be sucked into the evaporator coil, thereby affecting the cooling effect of the refrigeration unit. Therefore, ensuring the cleanliness of the ground in the compartment is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the refrigeration unit.

What are the product delivery ranges for truck refrigerated units? And the influence of temperature in the transport process?


  Kingclima provides professional, efficient and safe transport services for customers in long distance transportation.The scope of transport of truck refrigerated unit in cold chain logistics delivery by kingclima has automatic temperature control setting, for different products that need to be delivered, the required storage temperature is different, the temperature of refrigerated transport is from -18℃ to -22℃, for frozen food, meat, ice cream and other goods that need low temperature transport, distribution and storage, the temperature of refrigerated transport is 0℃ to 7℃, for example, fruits and vegetables, beverages, fresh dairy products, flowers and trees, cooked food, pastries, and various food ingredients, etc.


  For constant temperature transport 18 ℃ ~ 22 ℃, to provide standard insulation, temperature control, for the delivery of such as chocolate, candy, biopharmaceuticals, special requirements of chemical products and other goods, very convenient, for different users, to provide different solutions.


  In the process of refrigerated transport, the truck refrigeration unit used by years of actual operating experience and customer feedback from exporting countries, in the refrigerated storage with high performance reliability, large refrigeration capacity, safety protection devices are available, flexible and convenient operation and control, can fully meet the quality requirements of all types of refrigerated frozen goods transport, accessories used in the same accessories of thermoking, carrier, to protect the refrigerated effect at the same time, the price is more favorable and affordable, so that customers enjoy more benefits, low maintenance costs.


  The core of Kingclima’s refrigeration units is to maintain a low-temperature environment as the primary standard, to achieve effective storage during transport, the user in the process of use, according to the nature of the items to be transported and the type of truck used, to choose the refrigeration unit they need, while adjusting a suitable temperature for the preservation of transport items to transport matters, so as to achieve the best transport preservation effect, but also to prevent the trouble caused by the lack of temperature control, to prevent inconvenience and unnecessary losses.


  To sum up, the refrigeration unit can transport a variety of products, while the temperature provides good storage conditions for the transported products, so kingclima truck refrigeration is the perfect choice.

2022 truck refrigeration unit delivery to Mexico

Our customer is a truck box manufacturer, he replaced diesel engine by using the standby truck refrigeration unit produced by kingclima, the customer feedback is good, the cooling speed is fast, the refrigeration temperature can reach -25℃, and the storage capacity is more Large, with a backup power system, when the refrigerated truck is in use, when the engine stops working, through the external power supply, the backup unit can also maintain the temperature in the compartment, so that our goods are kept fresh.


Our advantage:
1. More economical than diesel engine
2. The condenser has built-in electric backup, which saves installation time and makes installation more convenient.
3. The front-mounted condenser is light and compact, suitable for the design of the car body.


Since its establishment in 2002, kingclima has more than 20 years of experience in the field of transport refrigeration, and is the No. 1 export manufacturer among transport refrigeration manufacturers in China. With superior quality and low price, we provide pharmaceutical, food and beverage, Refrigerated meat, seafood, flowers and many other industries offer a wide range of temperature control solutions.


We have a full line of refrigerated truck and van transport refrigeration units, and our kinds of drive type, whether your company is a transport company, truck depot, installer or refrigeration unit dealer, please feel free to contact us. We provide the most thoughtful advice and excellent solutions, while supporting OEM services.


In the process of transportation, from the delivery to the customer, the delivery time range is 20-35 Days or 40 Days according to the customer’s region and country.Feel free to contact us!Get your cooling solutions for truck. Contact: WhatsApp: +86 13383854784

How to use the refrigerated truck unit in the process of long-distance transportation?

Refrigerated transportation has entered the Chinese market for more than 20 years, especially in the past 10 years, it has become more and more widely used. The china made truck refrigerated unit ranges from food, medicine, chemical products, electronic products, flowers, chilled meat, etc. Already associated with refrigeration, through the use of refrigeration truck units, it is also becoming more and more intimate.

With its stable performance, the refrigerated truck unit has won praises from many customers in the process of use, but as we all know, in the process of use, there will still be customers who are not satisfied with the refrigeration effect of the stored products, and the products in use. Damage and other phenomena still exist. To correct the reason, it is mainly caused by the incorrect use of the truck refrigeration unit. So how should we use the refrigerated truck unit? How to avoid the risks caused by improper use? The following is a detailed introduction to the precautions for the refrigeration truck unit.

1. The components of the truck refrigerated unit supplier are composed of the temperature controller of the display device in the cab plus the compressor and condenser, and evaporation. The refrigerated truck unit is non-independent and is driven by the vehicle engine. Therefore, when using the refrigeration unit When using it in winter, the engine must be started first. When using it in winter, the engine should be preheated for 3-5 minutes before starting the refrigeration unit.

2. During the use of the refrigerated truck unit, the deflection of the compressor belt should be checked regularly. If the compressor belt is too loose, the faulty compressor clutch slips and the belt makes a sound, there is a tensioner pulley on the generator. The compressor belt can be adjusted by tightening a tension pulley with a wrench to remove the fault.

3. If the cooling temperature does not go down, it may also be related to the goods being pulled. For example, tea farmers who often pull vegetables and flowers may cause the box body to become wet. When the car is empty, the rear hatch and side hatch can be opened for ventilation. Reducing humidity is also closely related to the cooling effect of the refrigerated truck unit.

4. When not pulling goods for transportation and refrigeration, you can park the refrigerated truck in a cool and ventilated place, so as to avoid the slowing down of the refrigeration effect of the truck refrigerated unit, and it is also very useful for the refrigerated box. Most of the refrigerated boxes are It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which can effectively prolong the service life of the truck refrigerated unit in a cool environment.

How to make the refrigeration unit cool down quickly?

1. The speed of the engine is not less than 1500 rpm, which ensures that the compressor of the refrigeration unit can operate quickly and efficiently.
2. In the process of driving, ensure that the cooling effect of the condenser of the refrigeration unit is good, and at the same time, clean the sundries of the condenser regularly.
3. For the goods inside the box, the effect is obvious, because the humidity of the air is high, and the empty box is warmed slowly.
4. Ensure that the refrigerant of the refrigerated truck is not missing, generally no fluorine leakage occurs, and the refrigerant does not need to be added.
5. Regularly check the belt of the compressor and adjust the tension of the belt to avoid the belt being too loose and slipping and running poorly.
6. There is enough clearance between the goods in the incubator and the inner wall of the cold compartment to ensure the smooth circulation of cold air.

According to the following items of use, during the use of the refrigeration unit, customers can quickly complete the cooling of the refrigeration unit. For more product information about the refrigeration unit, please feel free to contact us.

about truck refrigerated unit: how to choose a refrigeration unit?

According to the attributes of refrigeration units, truck refrigeration units are generally divided into independent refrigeration units and non-independent refrigeration units. What are independent refrigeration units and non-independent refrigeration units? As the name implies, an independent refrigeration unit means that the refrigeration unit has a separate power source and can work independently without being restricted by the working state of the engine. A non-independent refrigeration unit means that the unit itself has no power device and cannot work alone. It must rely on the engine to drive the compressor to work.

Therefore, according to the customer’s refrigeration needs, generally speaking, users in the refrigeration industry can choose independent refrigeration units or non-independent refrigeration units according to the size of the refrigerated compartment. From the market point of view, non-independent units are selected for refrigerated trucks with a box body below 6 meters and a cargo volume of 4-31 cubic meters. Refrigerated trucks with a body of more than 6 meters choose independent units; according to different truck models, such as trucks and trailers, the independent refrigeration units are also different. Trucks mostly use medium-sized independent refrigeration units; semi-trailers mostly use large-scale refrigeration units , which is our common pre-cooling unit. Of course, different users can flexibly choose according to their different requirements for different goods. After all, the best refrigeration unit is the one that suits their own refrigeration needs.

For the use of the refrigeration unit, it can be selected according to the temperature requirements of the goods to be transported. Different goods have different temperature requirements, and the corresponding refrigeration power is also different. For example, the delivery of ice cream and other frozen food generally requires a temperature of minus 18 degrees. Low temperature, transporting cold meat requires minus 5 degrees, and the temperature required for different fresh fruits and vegetables is also different. The truck refrigeration unit produced by kingclima has a variety of models according to the temperature of the pulled goods for users with different needs. At the same time, for special products such as vaccines and medicines, kingclima has a special matching model of refrigeration unit, which is convenient for customers with such transportation needs.

If the customer considers the problem of distance transportation, we suggest that for long-distance transportation, the non-independent refrigeration unit is more suitable. Even if the engine stops working during the rest of loading and unloading, the refrigeration unit can work normally.

For users of cold chain transportation, brand is also one of the key points that everyone usually pays attention to when choosing a car. As a professional manufacturer of refrigeration units, kingclima has more than 20 years of manufacturing and production experience. The units produced are of high quality and competitive prices. It is a carrier And the best alternative to thermoking, kingclima stands on the customer’s point of view, puts the customer’s interests first, and presents the best refrigeration unit products to the customer.

Which is better for you? The truth about the use of independent/non-independent refrigeration units

Kingclima’s truck refrigeration unit is suitable for different truck brands, including ISUZU, DONGFENG, etc. It can be used. Customers can choose independent refrigeration units and non-independent refrigeration units according to their own refrigeration needs.

In the process of use, the independent refrigeration unit is stable and reliable during use. Since the independent refrigeration unit has a separate power output source, the refrigerator can still work when the refrigerated truck is turned off or the engine of the refrigerated truck fails, thus ensuring refrigeration. The cargo in the carriage will not deteriorate. The advantages of the non-independent refrigeration unit are that the price is cheap, the structure is simple and easy to maintain and maintain.

The choice of independent refrigeration unit and non-independent refrigeration unit

1. In terms of price, if the temperature in the compartment is required to be below minus 10 degrees, it is recommended that you use an independent refrigeration unit.
2. In terms of the length of transportation distance, if the customer wants to deliver from a short distance within the city or between districts and counties, it is recommended to use a non-independent unit, which not only costs less to purchase, but also easy to maintain even if it breaks down. If it is a long-distance refrigeration For transportation, it is recommended to use an independent refrigeration unit, because even if the car engine stops working during long-distance transportation, the refrigerator can still cool normally to ensure the safety of the transported items.
3. In terms of the equipped models: Generally speaking, for light trucks with a body under 7 meters, it is recommended to use a non-independent unit. It is better to use an independent type for trucks and semi-trailers over 7 meters.
4. When customers buy, they must be based on their own storage needs and transportation environment. Kingclima combines the customer’s use needs with the refrigerated unit to match and meet the interests of customers to the greatest extent, and enhance the use value of the product.

Precautions for the use of refrigeration units

In recent years, with the rapid development of cold chain logistics, the use of refrigeration units has entered a peak period.
In the process of refrigerated transportation, how to make the refrigerating unit more effective in cooling, so as to ensure the good transportation and preservation of the goods? Here are 5 suggestions for u:

1. Before loading, the loaded goods and refrigerated trucks must be pre-cooled.
2. When loading and unloading goods, it must be ensured that the air-conditioning can circulate smoothly.
3. Both loading and unloading are completed as quickly as possible.
4. When packing vegetables and fruits, special attention should be paid to ensure the smooth circulation of air-conditioning.
5. The inside of the refrigerated truck should be kept clean and hygienic at all times.

How to better maintain refrigerated trucks?

For many customers, refrigerated trucks are usually equipped with refrigeration units and polyurethane insulation compartments, which are convenient for users to specialize in refrigerated transportation. They are often used to transport frozen food, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, vaccines and medicines, etc., which can provide better refrigerated transportation. great convenience for you.

In the process of use, it is very important for the maintenance of refrigerated trucks and refrigerated units. Only the correct maintenance of the equipment on time can ensure the normal use of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment, so that a greater cooling effect can be exerted in the cooling process.

1. Usually, the refrigeration unit is maintained every 500h to 700h, and the oil filter element, fuel filter element and air filter element need to be replaced; and pay attention to check the tightness of the belt and whether there is any leakage in the refrigeration system.

2. Routine maintenance of the refrigerated truck insulation box: inspection of the outer surface of the box, inspection of the inner surface of the box, inspection of the inner and outer edges and corners of the box, inspection of the inner floor of the box, and inspection of the internal lighting and cooling air outlets, etc.

3. Do not scratch the outer surface of the refrigerated compartment, otherwise, on the one hand, the ability of FRP to withstand pressure will be reduced, and aging and deformation will be more likely to occur. On the other hand, the polyurethane filled inside will leak and affect the thermal insulation performance of the compartment.

4. The maintenance of the inner surface of the refrigerated vehicle should be done by adjusting the temperature control. Do not make the inner surface of the vehicle freeze. If the air humidity is relatively high, try to pack the refrigerated products as much as possible, especially the aquatic products. The inside of the body evaporates, reducing the possibility of freezing inside the refrigerated truck.

Therefore, in the process of use, attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of refrigerated trucks and refrigerated units, so that the failure rate can be reduced in the process of use, thereby providing customers with higher economic benefits.

What are the options for the refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck?

In the process of long-distance transportation of goods, trucks need to maintain the freshness of goods through refrigeration units.So how to choose the right refrigeration unit?

(1) Choose according to the size of the refrigerated car body: you can choose an independent unit or a non-independent unit. Generally speaking, the car body above 6 meters is suitable for choosing an independent unit, and the size of the independent unit can be determined according to the length of the car body. Below 6 A non-independent unit should be used for the car body below the meter, and the temperature of the car here refers to -20 ℃.

(2) Choose according to the mode of the refrigeration unit: you can choose the vehicle-mounted compressor drive, the independent unit type diesel engine drive and the backup compressor drive to meet the needs of different users for the refrigeration unit.

As a distributor of refrigeration units for many years, Kingclima has been focusing on the production of truck refrigeration units for more than 20 years, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality adapted transportation units. Welcome to inquire!

How to choose a suitable refrigerating unit according to your vehicle type?

In the transportation industry of the cold chain, the refrigeration unit is the main refrigeration equipment of the refrigerated truck. The quality of the refrigeration unit often affects the quality of the goods to a great extent, so customers are very important for the choice of refrigeration units in the process of use.

In the process of using the refrigeration unit, according to the refrigeration power, it can be divided into three types: non-independent small refrigeration unit, independent neutral refrigeration unit, and large trailer refrigeration unit. How to choose the right refrigeration units for our vehicle?

Since the non-independent refrigeration unit has no power source, when the engine of the refrigerated truck stops, the non-independent refrigeration unit will lose its power support and stop working. Especially in summer, when the door of the refrigerated truck is frequently opened after the refrigerated truck is turned off, the goods in the compartment are easily damaged. The refrigeration compressor is driven by the vehicle engine, and the condenser is placed on the roof or the front end of the cargo box, so it can generally be applied to a refrigerated truck with a cargo volume of 4-31 cubic meters. In urban distribution between transportation, the cooling power is generally small, and it is generally used in small vehicles such as VAN, light trucks, etc.

Independent refrigeration unit means that the refrigeration unit has a separate power source. Usually, it has a higher cooling power and cooling capacity, so it can be used for large trucks to help customers better long-term transportation.

Large-scale refrigeration units are mainly used on semi-trailer refrigerated trailers, which are larger in volume and refrigeration power than ordinary independent units, and are usually suspended at the front of the trailer.

Therefore, in the process of using the refrigeration unit, the customer can choose the appropriate temperature range according to the main types of goods to be transported. Our temperature range is +25 to -30°C,it could meets your refrigeration needs.

top 4 features of china Kingclima truck refrigeration system

1. In the process of long-distance transportation, which is more convenient and practical in operation. The refrigeration units break through the area between cities and provinces in the process of use. It is also the best choice for the transportation and distribution of ice cream, milk, vegetables, frozen meat, medicine preservation, etc.

2. The design of kingclima truck refrigeration unit is suitable for the application of large, medium and small trucks. The models that can be satisfied include different types of trucks such as JMC, GAZ Gazelle Next, Foton Forland, SAIC Maxus pickup, Isuzu-fuso, etc. It satisfies the customer’s model suitability selection.

3. It can meet the requirements of different customers for freezing and refrigeration. The first-class jet cycle refrigeration system is adopted in the structure, which can achieve high-efficiency and strong refrigeration effect. In addition, the condenser of the truck refrigeration system adopts an ultra-thin design, which greatly reduces the power of the unit. weight, providing more cargo space.

4.The role of truck frigo units in the process of refrigerated long-distance transportation cannot be underestimated, so choosing the most reliable and accurate temperature control refrigeration system for truck can effectively prolong the service life.

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