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Kingclima K-260 truck reefer unit has been exported to North America
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The customer runs a chicken farm. The customer has 30 large trucks and 8 small trucks. This time the customer wants to purchase a unit for 8 small trucks. The customer’s small truck is 2.5m, and the body has 8 square meters. The temperature requirement is 0℃, used to transport fresh chicken.


According to customer requirements, we recommend our direct drive K-260 unit. This unit has a cooling capacity of 2015W and is suitable for 5-10m³ meters.


This unit also has the following characteristics:

  • Multi-function controller with microprocessor control system
  • Extra-flat evaporator with inner grooved cooper tube; micro-channel parallel flow condenser
  • Digital display: temperature in ℃or℉; return air; configuration parameters and alarms
  • Safety devices: low and high refrigerant pressure protection;thermal protection



After the customer received the goods, they successfully installed 4 of the k-260 refrigeration units on the truck. The customer said that the cooling effect is very good, and the temperature can reach 0 degrees in a very short time. And it is front install, which is quick and easy to install. The customer is very satisfied with the K-260 cooler units. And he will re-buy soon.



In addition, our K series also has a unit suitable for large truck models. K-460 refrigeration unit is our best-selling unit. This unit can completely replace Carrier 350 with greater cooling capacity. K-460 unit is suitable for 16-22m³trucks.


All of our K series units can be equipped with electrical standby functions for cooling when they are parking.

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