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8ft Refrigerated Trailer To UK
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In outdoor parties and family gatherings, it could be used as mobile refrigerators. Mobile trailer units need to be pre-cooled to a certain temperature before use, and during short trips, when the refrigerated trailer reaches its destination, it needs an additional mobile power supply to be used for refrigeration and freezing.

Kingclima provides customized services for customers with different needs. The current size of mobile refrigerated trailers includes but not limited to 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, etc. Jack, as our regular customer, recently placed an order for a complete set of 8ft mobile refrigerated trailers in 20 GP containers,as a local refrigerated trailer dealer in the UK, the customer has many years of experience in selling refrigerated trailers, mainly for selling mobile cooler trailers with 6-15 cubic meters boxes and providing refrigeration services for outdoor parties.

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This mobile cooler trailer is very popular abroad, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. Not only can there be more choices in size, we can also customize different sizes of mobile trailers according to customer requirements. For those who like to travel short distances outdoors, it can be used as a mobile refrigerator and is a good choice. This 8ft corresponds to the external dimensions of 2600mmL*1800mmW*1800mmH, the thickness of the insulation board of 83.5 mm, the box material is box core material XPS, inside and outside FRP skin, the effect of heat preservation is better.

This mobile cooler trailer is made of aluminum profile box, and the structure uses the use of standard double-opening rear door, single-opening side door, single-axle small trailer, and stainless steel aluminum alloy bracket. Since this customer is experienced in installation, we send the unassembled loose panels to the UK by sea, and the customer can install and use it independently after receiving the products.

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