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Best Refrigerated Vehicles For Your Business
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Do you need a refrigerated vehicle for your catering, floral, beverage, pharmaceutical, fresh and frozen food and other delivery needs? Then take a look at kingclima’s solution!

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We know that refrigerated trucks can’t be used without a refrigerated unit, and the presence of a refrigerated unit provides climate control during the delivery of products that are critical to the delivery of perishable goods – both short and long haul.



It also sets a new standard for efficient delivery of temperature-sensitive goods, so with kingclima refrigeration solutions, we have what you need to fully customize your refrigerated and frozen transport vehicles.


Q: Can I pack my products in this truck to the refrigerator/freezer?
A: This is a problem. Do not stack products as this may block airflow. Use pallets whenever possible.


Q: I know this will keep my stuff cool, but can I keep my stuff frozen during shipping?
A: You can just adjust to the corresponding mode according to your needs for refrigeration and freezing.


Q: What is standby mode and how does it work?
A: A refrigerated (or frozen) unit works best in standby mode (aka plugged in), but it must be performed correctly or you can damage the unit, or it won’t work properly, or both.


Q: What is curbside mode?
A: Curbside mode means you use the van’s engine to power the cooling unit. This works fine and is intended to be used when the van is not parked. The unit will always work best in this mode when actually driving (as opposed to idling).


Q: Can a refrigerated van replace a traditional commercial or home refrigerator in my restaurant or business?
A: Refrigerated trucks retrofitted with refrigerated units are designed to provide a mobile, refrigerated solution for the user.


Tips:Also keep in mind that every time you open the car door, cold air will escape, causing the temperature to rise. If you are concerned about maintaining a consistent temperature, keep the back of the van sealed (in other words, don’t open the doors too much).

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