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How to maintance truck refrigeration units correctly?
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It is well known that truck refrigeration units include compressors, condensers, evaporators, connecting hoses, air ducts and other components, in the process of transportation, in order to make meat, medicine, fruit, flowers and other products can always be kept cold, without the frequent use of refrigeration units, so in the process of refrigerated transport, the correct use and maintenance of refrigeration units, pay attention to maintenance, can effectively extend the refrigeration unit Use life.

Here are 6 tips for you, please continue reading!

1. Regularly clean the truck body:

It can prevent the trash in the box with the return air is sucked into the evaporator, blocking the evaporator, affecting the refrigeration.

2. Cargo pre-cooling:

“Pre-cooling” is at the forefront of the cold chain and is the most important link in the cold chain of fruit and vegetable products. Please make sure the goods have reached the best storage temperature before loading.

3. Cargo packaging:

Fresh packaging should be ventilated, no plastic packaging should be used when transporting fresh products, please ensure that the packaging of frozen products is intact.

4. Pre-cooling refrigerated truck body:

Pre-cooling should be carried out before loading and transportation, so that the heat inside the box can be discharged to better ensure the quality of the goods.

5. Proper loading of goods:

When loading, please turn off the refrigeration unit, do not block the air inlet and outlet of the evaporator, and reserve space as required.

6. Regularly turn on the refrigeration units:

If you do not use the refrigeration unit for a long time, please keep the refrigeration unit running once every two weeks for 10-15 minutes each time.

7. Regular maintenance:

The refrigeration unit, like the car used daily, needs comprehensive maintenance to keep the unit in good running condition all the time.

Cold chain transport plays an increasingly important role in our society, the correct use of transport refrigeration units is essential to better improve the refrigeration performance of refrigeration units work properly.

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