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What is refrigerated truck body?
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In the cold chain transportation industry, cold chain transportation is a process that helps maintain the temperature of goods that need to be transported at the proper temperature. There are a variety of ways to keep the products being transported refrigerated during transport, and refrigerated truck bodies are a valuable way to transport these goods.


1. What is a refrigerated truck body?


Refrigerated truck body is a combination of insulated truck box plate, box plate in the industry commonly known as “sandwich composite plate”, plate by the inner and outer skin, insulation layer and skeleton, after special adhesive bonding and become.

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2. The role of refrigerated truck box?


Box body for refrigerated truck is generally a fully sealed rectangular carriage, with good heat insulation, thermal insulation performance, can meet the cold chain items for low-temperature transport of insulation requirements.

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3. What is the range of products that can be transported?


It can include food, beverage, medicine, chemical, refrigerated medicine, flower, frozen food,need to be transported in the cold chain to maintain a consistent temperature for these products, which helps maintain their quality and freshness and ensures that the products transported do not deteriorate during transportation and remain in a fresh and refrigerated state.

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4.FAQ Of  pickup truck reefer box


(1)Q: Can the truck box size be customized?

A: We support OEM/ODM Service for cold wall and defrost to meet your needs.

(2)Q: What are the types of trucks that can be applied in?

A: It can be used for the following vehicles.
Pickup trucks
Conventional cab trucks
Tilt cab trucks
On trailers

(3)Q: How to choose the right refrigerated truck body?

A: When making your selection, you can base your choice on body size and construction materials, to flooring, lighting, bumpers, etc. kingclima will work to meet the unique needs of your business.

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5. In use, refrigerated trucks are an important part of the cold chain transportation process, as a refrigeated truck body can help ensure that perishable goods are kept at the proper temperature during transport. Refrigerated trucks are designed for this purpose and are equipped with a refrigeration unit that helps to keep the cargo cool during transport.

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You can always count on kingclima refrigeration to have the right transport solution for your refrigerated transport needs.

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