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Cold Chain Transportation Refrigeration Units Price
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In the process of development of the cold chain industry, for products that need to be refrigerated or frozen, the installation and use of refrigeration units is indispensable in the process of transportation.



1.What is a refrigeration unit called?


A refrigeration unit is the basis of the refrigeration system. These units can be used to create a cold in the different temperature ranges:

for a medium-temperature cooling of warehouses;
For a low-temperature cooling in the freezer compartment.


2. How do van refrigeration units work?


A refrigeration cycle has four major components: the compressor, condenser, expansion device, and evaporator. Refrigerant remains piped between these four components in the refrigerant loop.


The refrigeration cycle starts and ends with the compressor. The refrigerant flows into the Compressor where it is compressed and pressurised. The refrigerant is then pushed to the Condenser which turns the vapour into liquid and absorbs some of the heat.


3. What type of refrigeration units are used in small delivery vans and trucks?


For the transportation of different refrigerated users, the choice of units used varies from vehicle to vehicle and from cargo to cargo.


Generally speaking, for cold chain transportation, depending on the needs of delivery of fresh and frozen food, medicine, fruits, vegetables, ice, seafood, etc., kingclima brand units are designed for 20-30m ³, and 5-8m ³ models. With the durability, reliability and moderate price, low operating cost and service cost, our refrigerating unit products will be the first choice of cold chain customers.


4.refrigeration unit price

► R404A environmental friendly refrigerant.
► Parallel flow condenser, light and compact, good heat exchange.
► Internal fluted copper tube and super slim evaporator. Save cargo space.
► Digital and temperature control solution
► Quick and easy installation
► ISO9001/CE certification.


With the continuous development of the refrigeration industry, the improvement of people’s living standards low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection has also become the development trend of the refrigeration industry, low-carbon economy is penetrating every corner of the refrigeration industry, for modern people, energy saving and emission reduction has become the most popular trend nowadays, but also the development purpose of our refrigeration industry to pursue.

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