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Most popular in European market -B-150C/B-150 Battery Refrigeration Unit
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It needs higher requirement on energy-saving, noise control when refrigeration unit in operating, and even higher protection for vehicle generator to ensure the restart all the time to adjust with much complicated city traffic condition.Kingclima’s fresh and frozen solution for van transport refrigeration unit will meet your needs.

Based on all advantages of engine-driven van reefer unit, we highly recommends electric refrigeration chiller unit B-150/B-150C for can body box ranges from 3-6m³ . It could effectively conduct refrigeration by vehicle battery when engine off.

Electric refrigeration system Features:

-Apply for all kinds of small refrigeration vans and electric vehicles

-DC powered driven vehicle battery (12V/24V/48V/72V/96V ETC.),save much fuel.
-The units with CPR valve will better protect compressors, especially in extremely hot or cold place.
– Green and Environment protection ,while the van engine is off ,but cooling system is still working .
– Adopt Eco-friendly refrigerant: R404a
– The Hot gas defrosting system with Auto and manual is available for your choices

-Rooftop mounted unit and slim evaporator design

-Strong refrigeration,cooling fast with short time

-High-strength plastic enclosure,elegant appearance

-Quick installation,simple maintenance an low maintenance cost

-Famous brand compressor:such as Valeo compressor TM16,TM21,QP16,QP21 compressor ,
Sanden compressor, highly compressor etc.

-International Certification : ISO9001,EU/CE ATP ,etc


Model B-150C B-150
Temperature Range In Container -5℃ ~ +25℃ -18℃ ~ +25℃
Cooling Capacity 0℃ 1700W 2000W
Compressor Model DC,12cc/r 950W
Air volume 1100m³/h DC,12cc/r


Coil Aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils 910m³/h
Fan 1 Axial Fan,1100m3/h Aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils
Dimensions &Weight 865x660x210 mm 1 Axial Fan,1100m3/h


Coil Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
Fan 1 Axial Fans,800m3/h 1 Axial Fans,800m3/h
Dimensions &Weight 610×550×175mm 610×550×175mm
Refrigerant R404a ,0.8-0.9kg R134a,0.9-1.0KG
Application 3-6m³ 6-7m³
Optional Function Electric standby, Heating Electric standby, Heating

How Could You Run B-150C Full Electric Van Refrigeration Units when Van Stops?

Once the van engine is off, the frozen unit for cargo van will won’t last long for refrigerating. So please equip the small van freezer unit with an extra Transformer(AC Power Switch), which can transform the AC main power to DC12V/DC24V; besides, it can be plugged into the 240V/380V main power supply, and in the mean time charge the vehicle battery. So it’s very simple and convenient to run the van refrigeration units when the engine is off.

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