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Transport Refrigeration Units For Delivery Solution-Truck Refrigeration Units Supplier
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Transport refrigeration equipment, cold chain monitoring solutions and replacement parts help preserve and protect our global food and pharmaceutical supplies and other perishable goods.

(1) Delivering freshness and reliability

For kingclima customers, “freshness” is not just about how the recently harvested produce or products were produced. It is also about the conditions under which they are transported. That’s why we offer transport refrigeration solutions that can precisely control temperature and humidity to preserve all types of perishable goods wherever they need to go.

(2) Transport refrigeration field

New technologies in the production standards of the units set a higher standard of refrigeration systems for refrigerated containers, trucks and trailer systems, while reducing fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels.For more than 20 years, kingclima refrigeration, as an industry distributor in China’s refrigerated sector,We have established friendly relationships with our distributor customers around the world and have received many positive reviews.

(3) Cold chain monitoring and logistics security

We have a strong portfolio of products and services designed to help monitor and manage the cold chain of the world’s most temperature sensitive and perishable products, including food, pharmaceuticals, biologics and industrial chemicals, providing full-service supply chain visibility solutions that offer complete cargo visibility from origin to destination. Our supply chain security solutions can help minimize product loss, ensure patient safety, and protect product integrity by reducing the risks associated with product distribution.

(4) Cost savings in use

kingclima combines the reliability of refrigeration products with superior monitoring and tracking solutions to provide you with significant cost savings.

(5) Transport refrigeration systems are designed to operate with direct drive compressors. All units are equipped with protective covers, in-cab controls with digital cargo tank temperature display, condenser fan circulation control and high/low pressure protection.

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