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Cooling Solution for Full Electric Renault Master L2H2
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Cooling Solution for Full Electric Renault Master L2H2



If your van is Renault Master Electric L2H2, full electric, with 11m3 van cargo box, the cooling unit is not allowed to connect to the battery of the electric van, how is the solution of full-electric units?


Kingclima is a leading manufacturer of full-electric refrigeration units with low-temperature DC12V/DC24V/DC48V/DC72V used for various Van.


This month, we design one special customized DC48V full-electric cooling unit B-350 is used for Renault Master Electric L2H2 from our Portugal customer.

The Battery unit B-350 can be used for 10-15 cubic meters of van cargo box. Because our customer hopes the cooling unit can not connect to the high voltage of this electric van, but the voltage DC12V can not bring the cooling unit to work normally.  So we do the DC48V full-electric unit with small electric current, to ensure the cooling unit with more stable cooling capacity, reduce even avoid any failure rate.B-350 battery cooling unit has been installed two highly 145 compressor, its cooling capacity is big and easy to install for you.


For the DC48V battery pack, you can buy them from your local, at least DC48V,200Ah to ensure the cooling units can work at least 6-8hours. You can install the battery at the back of the seats.


If your van needs long-distance transport, it needs to add the converter from DC48Vto AC220V/240V. The converter is like one standby system. In this situation, the full electric unit will continue to work through connect into AC220V/240V power supply when your van stops. The inside temperature can be up to -18 to +15℃ according to your transporting food accordingly.


Our B-350 DC18V full-electric units are better and more stable than HWA sung EcoE2 100 RTC, it is a hot sell model of battery unit we export in the Europen market.

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