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Latest Transfer Cold Box Order Form To America
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Behind the epidemic situation ,as we know that the epidemic has changed this whole world,no matter where you’re live,which country you are,we both know that living our life is getting quite difficult,you know you should save more storage for safety just in case of,and we have to emphasize the importance of self-healthy over and over again, and that’s the truth.

So in this special occasion,if you wanna transport food,vegetable,vaccine or other stuff for you life,how can you do that?Kingclima could give you the best solutions to transportation.

Carl and Trent come from USA, specific area is located in the Michigan,where is the south of america,they are working in the logistic transportations field,so the products always would gone bad during the long mile transportation,and it has taken so long to clean it,so they may wanna try something new,by means of the searching the internet, they found us on line,and via their using needs, Kingclima professional sale manager Mr. Ati recommended the blue transfer cold box of our foreign customers.and 2 weeks discussion later,we had received the USA 20 pieces to transfer cold box order,we are appreciated for your trusting.

You may feel confused,what is the transfer cold box?what can i do with it?and what are the advantages of this product? don’t be so rushing, i will tell about it .and you would love it.

First of all, the transfer cold box can be connected to the DC12V, 24V powered in the car, or it can be separately equipped with DC48V, 60V batteries according to the needs of the user, in the process of use, the user can use it like a mobile refrigerator. Various tricycles, pickups, vans, trucks, etc., are mainly used for more efficient preservation and freezing.

Secondly, the PE material is used, the abrasive tool used is integrally formed, and the thickness of the insulation layer is 100MM PU polyurethane, which has a better insulation effect, allowing you to have no worries in the process of long-distance transportation, and is eco-friendly ,movable appearance has wined the highly complement from Carl and Trent.


Kingclima brand was established in 2002, getting along with 20 yrs development,Kingclima now being the leading supplier in china,mainly produced refrigeration units,and transfer cold box,if you are interested ,to being our distributor,please via the distributor policy,and leave the message,we will recall you within 24/7.

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