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Do you know about the reefer trailer?
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What is reefer trailer?

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A reefer trailer is a highly insulated and tightly sealed container with a trailer refrigeration unit (TRU) mounted on the outside of the front wall to control the temperature inside the trailer. The main purpose of a refrigerated trailer is to maintain the temperature of the cargo while it is being loaded.


They are usually used to transport goods that must be kept at a low temperature, mainly foodstuffs and other products that need to be kept at normal temperature and need to be refrigerated, including fruit and vegetable production, dairy products, meat and poultry, seafood, pharmaceuticals, flowers, etc. In order to solve the problem of product spoilage during cold chain transport, truckers use transport equipment called “refrigerated trailers “This way the temperature of the trailer is regulated to help maintain quality and extend the shelf life of the goods being hauled.


The benefit of a refrigerated trailer is that you can turn off the refrigeration unit and transport goods that do not require refrigeration; this gives you a lot of versatility as you can take a load of ice cream to the grocery distribution center and leave with a load of canned goods.


Why choose kingclima?


From catering companies and restaurants looking for a refrigerated trailer solution, to industry customers who need to transport produce (meat, dairy and other perishables), the kingclima refrigeration brand offers the most practical refrigerated transport solution at an affordable price, perfectly addressing the needs of the refrigerated customer.


Refrigerated transport usually means large and expensive “reefer boxes” running diesel-powered refrigeration units on trucks and semi-trailers, but for small businesses, beverage distributors, fishermen and other industries with refrigerated needs, we offer customized refrigerated transport solutions.


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