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Kingclima B100 refrigeration units shipped to Mexico for Citroën Berlingo
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The demand for efficient cold chain transportation has grown exponentially in recent years. Transporting refrigerated goods has become an important part of global trade. Carlos from Mexico is a loyal fan of the cold chain industry. He runs a refrigeration business and his daily work is Need to transport goods by Citroën Berlingo, because of the continuous expansion of the scope of transportation business, he needs to purchase refrigeration units to meet his refrigerated transportation business.

Through communication with Carlos, we knew he needs a refrigeration unit to keep the temperature of the CITIRON BERLINGO from 2°C to 8°C. Carlos said that the refrigerated boxes are about 120cm long, 80cm wide, 107cm high, and 45mm to 50mm thick, so the interior space of the cold zone is 0.75 cubic meters.

So according to the rerfrigerated boxes data provided by Carlos, our B100C refrigeration units can fully meet his refrigeration transportation needs, but considering the climate conditions in Mexico, the ambient temperature in different seasons and the operating temperature during transportation, compared , The cooling capacity of B100C refrigeration units is limited. Once the climate is summer, the temperature range of B100C cooling units will not meet the needs of customers during operation.

Based on this, I recommend our B100 refrigerated cooling units to Carlos. The B100 cooling units have a larger cooling capacity. According to the temperature requirements proposed by Carlos, the B100 cooling units can provide a perfect solution for Carlos’ refrigerated transportation business.

B100 cooling unit features:

The all-electric refrigeration unit is powered by batteries, and the refrigerant is R134a/R404a, which is quick to install, easy to maintain, low maintenance cost, fully digitally controlled, easy to operate, DC power supply drive (12V/24V/48V/72V/96V, etc.), green and environmental protection.

B100C Cooling Units and B100 Cooling Units

If you are in the business of refrigerated transportation, please contact us, as a manufacturer of transport refrigeration units, kingclima can provide effective refrigeration unit solutions for your refrigerated transportation business.

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