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Mini van convert refrigeration unit Guatemala

Model V300
Temperature Range(In Container):-20℃ ~ +30℃ / 0℉ ~ +86℉
Voltage:DC12V / DC24V
Defrosting: Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)
Kingclima V-300 van transport refrigeration units apply to small van or and medium refrigerated cargo vans with 6-17m³ van body box and the temperature can be flexible to choose. The van reefer units with chiller and freezing function for transporting fresh fruits, milk ,ice cream ,vegetables, meat, dairy products and seafood.
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1. Why Choose us?
A. Reliable quality and competitive Price
B: Professional and well trained sales, and 24 Hours Technical support
2. What is your Warranty Policy?
Firstly, we provide 12 months warranty from the date of delivery. Free spare parts will be provided if the parts defective for quality reason during the warranty period. But videos and fault description will be need for engineer double check first! Damage or defective caused by improper use not covered by warranty.
3. Are these products in stock? How long is the lead time?
Normally, the lead time is around 1 weeks for small order, for large quantity order please check with sales directly

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T-590 Diesel-Powered Truck Unit. The T-590 is King Clima’s next generation refrigeration unit for straight trucks. Featuring industry leading capacity, maintenance intervals, temp control, as well as the most advanced technology you can china. Features: 2,000 hour maintenance interval – the longest in the industry.

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4) Choose your power. Refrigerated vans run off engine-driven compressors. However, some units also include stand-by power, which allows the refrigeration unit to be plugged into a power source and the vehicle’s truck refrigeration units kept cold overnight or anytime the vehicle is not running. 5) Place the order.

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Seal all joints. Laminate all the panels in the vehicle using durable laminate matting. Paint the interior with Gelcoat. Fit LED light. Fit the appropriate fridge unit. We will collect and deliver the van back to you if required. The conversion will be backed up with our 36 months warranty as usual.

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R280T, Van refrigeration unit. Model:R280T, Van refrigeration unit. Driven Type:Engine Direct Driven . Refrigerant:R134a or R404a. Application:2-6.5m³ refrigerated

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Sep 17, 2020 · A refrigeration unit is a must-have installation in the conversion of refrigerated vans/trucks. It determines whether the converted van will maintain the desired temperature correctly or not, especially in high ambient environments of up to 30° Celsius.

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Apr 08, 2021 · A new vehicle conversion trend is converting school buses into permanent/ semi-permanent homes on wheels, dubbed “skoolies”. A retreat on wheels, skoolie tenants work remotely from wherever they get a notion to travel. In addition to buses, the back of vans are being converted in the same way, creating a trendy and picturesque mobile getaway.

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Van Refrigeration. With over 30 years specialising in van refrigeration, the kingclima brand has established a reputation as a leader in the transport refrigeration sector. The technical advances in the sector combined with our commitment to innovation have formed the foundation of our highly sought-after systems.

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The Cooler is our integrated refrigeration upfit on the ePro. Cooler adds insulation to the cargo area and a rear evaporator unit that can stay cool 24-7, whether the van is driving, charging, parked or off. LTE connectivity offers remote control using our Portal interface.

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