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Super 1000 Diesel Unit Specs
Super 1000 Diesel Unit Specs
Super 1000 Diesel Unit Specs
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Super 1000 Diesel Unit Specs

Model: Super 1000
Driven Type: Diesel engine drive unit with electric standby
Voltage: DC12V
Standby voltage: AC220V, AC380V
Application: 35-55m³ box of truck
Refrigerant : R404a

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Product Description

Super 1000 Diesel unit specs


Model Super 1000 Refrigerant: R404a
Road Cooling capacity


8250(0℃) Standby Cooling Capacity


5185(-18℃) 4485(-18℃)
Condenser size (mm): 1825*860*630 Opening size of


Evaporator Airflow(/h): 2580 Total weight(kg): 475
Apply for volume of box: 35-55m³ Unit Voltage: 12V
Compressor : FK390/385cc Defrost Auto defrost(hot gas defrost)&

manual defrost

2.Key parts
Mark Name Model&Origin Features
1 Engine Perkins/UK Small volume, large power, low consumption, stable performance






centrifugal fan、high efficiency and low noise
3 Condenser fan SPAL Brush-less aluminum blade, high efficiency and low noise
4 Evaporator blower SPAL axial flow fan, large airflow and long service life



Expansion valve



easy for installation and mending, with MOP
6 Clutch Kingclima Coupling and shaft exceed the transmission movement and torque






reasonable design,surface coating
8 Crankcase pressure regulating valve Danfoss


long service life and reliable performance
9 Motor Made in China Good heat dissipation, lightweight, high efficiency, and stable performance



Three-way valve



great effect, reliable performance and good protection to the compressor


11 Pressure switch Hansheng durable, sensitive and reliable
12 Exhaust sensor BPT(Joint Venture) performance and full protection to the compressor
13 Connector clip AMP good contact,water-proofing
14 Condenser Super 1000 screw copper pipe,inside high- efficiency cooling fin
15 Evaporator Super 1000 screw copper pipe,inside high- efficiency cooling fin
16 Control panel Kingclima controlled by the integrated circuit, easy to handle
17 Shell FRP beautiful,high strength,corrosion and aging resistance
18 Sheet metal component G taste Gb steel, surface coating
19 Belt Gates (US) good abrasion resistance,long service life


From the date of Availability year,  the equipment warranty period is one year after sale. After the warranty expires, we will provide technical support for life.


3.Install Drawing

install drawing

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