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Covid-19 And Cold Chain Transportation
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At the end of 2019, coronavirus started to spread worldwide. This massive plague has influenced the world from every aspect and has changed our life greatly. Masks and sanitizer seem to be daily necessities; Lockdown and restriction seem to narrows our range of activity. Cold chain transportation, as one of the most important logistics activities, is inevitably influenced by covid-19.


On one hand, infectious viruses hindered or even cut down both international and domestic trade. Strict anti-epidemic measures make cold chain transportation harder than ever. which means that many deliveries were either done in ambient conditions or with unsafe, unsustainable solutions resulting in product spoilage and wastage.


On the other hand, covid-19 has greatly changed people’s way of shopping. More and more people choose online shopping and home delivery because of lockdown and restriction. Furthermore, the world is now facing the challenge of delivering covid-19 vaccines safely and efficiently, which requires strictly on temperature. All these deliveries highly count on refrigerated trucks.


Imperative good transportation requires optimized cold chain apparatus. As we all know truck reefer unit is the core of cold chain transport and refrigerated trucks. Maybe equipping an efficient truck reefer unit is not the first thing for you to consider before covid-19 hit the world, but now it has become an irresistible trend for every cold chain transportation participator, from sender to receiver. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your reefer unit for a successful delivery of higher quality.


Kingclima is a professional truck reefer unit designer and manufacturer. Dived into the field of truck cooling solutions for over 15 years, Kingclima has now developed 6 major production lines and more than 40 types of products, covering all your cold chain transport needs. Facing covid-19, Kingclima has made comprehensive preparation. Before delivery, Kingclima will do a professional check and test to make sure the truck reefer unit runs in good condition and out of any quality problem, so as to ensure the success of your transport. All our staff carries out anti-pandemic regulations strictly, making sure the production and delivery are uncontaminated.


Kingclima also provides reefer units for vans, trailers, RVs, and full-electric vehicles. Traditional reefer unit relies greatly on diesel and requires a large volume of power consumption, which makes drivers, especially small vehicle drivers cost much. On the contrary, electric power is easier to reach and more eco-friendly. Amid the contagion, an electric-powered van reefer unit seems to be a better choice for small or independent cold chain transporter for its flexibility and convenience.


Having a professional team, Kingclima can offer you reliable truck reefer units and considerate service. Kingclima’s global dealer net is at your service all day long, making you enjoy the fastest service without stepping out of your cab. If you want to know more information about Kingclima or truck reefer unit, please send us an e-mail or leave your message down below, we will answer as soon as you can imagine.

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