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Tips for Using Your Van Reefer Unit Efficiently  
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  1. Keep your vehicles run in good condition.

   No matter what kind of reefer unit you use, the condition of your cars is a prerequisite of using refrigeration units efficiently. It is very important to keep your car clean from both outside and inside. Check your pipes, filters, and batteries often, and test your van reefer unit regularly to avoid breakdown amid delivery. The inner wall also should be cleaned often to make sure your cargoes are uncontaminated.


  1. Precool your box before uploading

Precooling is essential for maintaining an optimal postharvest life and minimizing the impact of the product’s senescence on its market quality. So turn on your van reefer unit for 1 or 2 hours for precooling before uploading can keep your cargoes fresh. Being fast cooling and noiseless, Kingclima van reefer units help you make a successful and high-quality delivery.


  1. Loading and unloading cargoes in the right way

  Check your box before uploading and unloading to make sure the cold air won’t leak. Then upload or unload cargoes as fast as possible to block hot current out of your box. Another efficient solution is to install a standby system in your van reefer unit, or you can install a refrigeration unit with a built-in standby system, which is more reliable and more efficient. Kingclima van reefer unit with built-in standby system is driven by a battery, can run independently when parked, or during uploading and unloading, which can not only save you cost and energy, but also makes your delivery more efficient and safer.


  1. Make inspection and maintenance regularly.

It is very important to check your vehicle and reefer unit often. Many small glitches are easy to be overlooked and could undermine your delivery. So make sure your van, truck, or trailer and reefer unit run in good condition for a successful delivery.


  1. Install a high-quality van reefer unit

Van reefer unit market is flourishing, in which the products are of varying quality.  Choose a good reefer unit for your van can not only help you work faster and safer but also keep your vehicle stay out of harm caused by inferior products.


Kingclima is a famous van reefer unit manufacture in China. Because of the high-cost performance and extraordinary quality, Kingclima van refrigeration units are preferred by drivers from all over the world. Through 20 years of development, Kingclima has now forged 6 production lines and more than 40 types of reefer units. Kingclima also provides tailor-made refrigeration units for different car sizes, radius, temperature demands, etc. Having a global distributor network, Kingclima can offer you comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service. Kingclima also provides professional guidance on installation and maintenance for free. If you want to know more about Kingclima and van reefer unit, please leave us a message below or send us an e-mail, we will respond as soon as possible.

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