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Tips for the Maintenance of Your Van Reefer Units
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Truck reefer unit is pivotal for cold chain transportation. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, the working condition of refrigeration unit has a direct bearing on the safe and successful delivery of temperature-sensitive cargoes. Though daily maintenance could be petty and boring, it is not insignificant. On the contrary, frequent little checks and maintenance could save you a big amount of loss caused by machine breakdown and cargo damage. Now, here are some tips for you to maintain your truck reefer unit efficiently.


  • There are three parts that should be checked often in your truck reefer unit: battery, starter, and alternator. These three parts are used often and worn quickly, the number of stops and starts of your truck refrigeration unit can influence their duration. Besides constant check and maintenance, you can install a standby system for your truck reefer unit. Kingclima’s truck reefer unit with a built-in standby system can not only help you prolong the life of the battery, starter, and alternator, but also save you energy consumption for the standby system can work independently when parked, or uploading and unloading.


  • Heed details such as air, fuel, filter. Test your refrigeration unit often to make sure it runs in good condition. Sometimes the cracks on your box body, fuel tank, and filter are easy to be ignored and could undermine your delivery. Moreover, inspect the hardware often. The fault of doors, tires and other hardware is fatal and easy to be overlooked, too. Check your truck reefer unit constantly to avoid breakdown amid the trip, and don’t let details ruin your delivery.


  • Clean your condenser, air channel, and evaporator regularly. These components are pivotal and easy to be inserted, so keep them clean to prevent overheating and It is worth noting that these three parts are fragile, so you should be careful when doing the cleaning. Better clean your condenser once each season and air channel and evaporator once a month.


Kingclima has devoted itself to truck reefer unit manufacture for over 15 years. Boasting of its extraordinary quality and excellent performance, Kingcliam’s truck refrigeration unit has been exported to South America, North America, Europe, and Middle East Areas. If you are looking for a durable and reliable van refrigeration unit with a low maintenance fee, Kingclima will be a perfect choice for you. Extraordinary quality makes the long company, Kingclima truck reefer unit will always stand by you on the long trip.


Being a professional truck reefer unit designer and manufacturer, Kingclima can offer you reliable advice and guidance in the maintenance of truck reefer units. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Kingclima at your service 7/24.


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