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MAX580 Vehicle Power Split Units for Cold Chain Logistics
MAX580 Vehicle Power Split Units for Cold Chain Logistics
MAX580 Vehicle Power Split Units for Cold Chain Logistics
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MAX580 Vehicle Power Split Units for Cold Chain Logistics

Model : MAX580
Temp range : -20℃-0℃
Compressor : QP16/163cm³
Voltage : 12V/24V
Current : 44A/22A

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Product Description

Brief Introduction

Kingclima Max 580 vehicle power split units are designed as climate control solutions for cold chain logistics. The units are installed safely and reliably for Heavy/medium/light refrigeration transportation vehicles with the features of high quality, high reliability, small size, fast put down, etc.’

Max 580 Technical Data


MAX 580

Temp.Range -20℃-0℃
Refrigerant R404a
Compressor QP16/163cm³
Cooling Capacity A.T.P.U.N Standard@30℃ ambient
0℃ 5200W
-20℃ 2650W
Voltage 12V/24V
Current 44A/22A
Condenser (Dimension) 1078*489*388(mm)
Weight 35kg
Q’ty of the condenser fan 2
Evaporator(Dimension) 1378*620*236(mm)
Weight 30kg
Q’ty of the evaporator fan 3
Evaporator blower flow rate(@0 static,pressure) 2500m³/h
Dual Zone Cooling Optional
Heating Optional


– Heavy/medium/light trucks for Cold Chain Logistics

Features, Advantages and Benefits

・ High efficiency and environment friendly

–Compact and Lighter weight, lower energy consumption;

–Fast cooling, returning to set-point in a short time after the door opened/closed;

–Unique secondary heat exchange technology to solve the problem of high temperature cooling;

–Professional system design to solve the put down problem in the freezing zone;

–The control logic with know-how ensures accurate temperature control in the compartment

–Environment-friendly refrigerant, less charging volume accord with the environmental protecting requirement and decreasing CAPEX;

Safety and Reliability

–High ambient resistance, work properly when ambient temperature is up to 49℃ and the internal temperature is lowest to -25℃;

–Core components have been used for a long life-cycle in the industry, all components have passed multiple tests and quality verification;

–Designed in generic platform and standard components for lowering inventory cost of spare parts, shortening lead time and more convenient installation and maintenance;

–Solid and reliable frame structure has passed vibration durability and corrosion          resistance test;

–Reliable electrical design, using mega temperature, non-halogen flame retardant tinned UL wire, fire resistance is VW-1;

Intelligent control

–Precision control system with multiple-function driver panel and dual zone cooling; –Multiple alarm, convenient human-computer interface which make operation and  maintenance more easily;

–Precise temperature control with ±0.5℃ tolerance and optimized defrost logic, which ensure the best status of the goods;

–CAN interface is integrated into control panel with strong expansibility;

–With built-in GPS & BEIDOU system, real time monitoring can be done through mobile phone/computer and reports can be provided.


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