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MOB600 Vehicle Power Mono-block Units for Cold Chain
MOB600 Vehicle Power Mono-block Units for Cold Chain
MOB600 Vehicle Power Mono-block Units for Cold Chain
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van refrigeration unit
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MOB600 Vehicle Power Mono-block Units for Cold Chain

Model : MOB600
Temp range : -20℃-0℃
Compressor : QP21/25cm³
Power supply : 12V/24V
Current : 48A/24A

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Product Description

Brief Introduction

Kingclima MOB600 vehicle power mono-block units are unique one-piece condenser and evaporator designed climate control solution for cold chain logistics,The unit is installed safely and reliably for Heavy/Medium/Light refrigeration transportation vehicles with the features of high quality,high reliability,small size,fast put down etc.,especially worth mentioning,the unit is more fit for the cold chain logistics of meat hook cargo,basket cargo and carton cargo.


– Cold chain logistics

Features,Advantages and Benefits

・ More space for cargoes

– One-piece condenser and evaporator compact design for high loading efficiency;

– Evaporator is not in the compartment for high space utilization;

・ High efficiency and environmentally friendly

– Air outlet designed with CFD optimization for smooth airflow;

– Sufficient air flow and cooling capacity for faster cooling;

– The control logic with know-how ensures accurate temperature control in the compartment;

– Lower weight and less depth with a lot of lightweight materials, more environmental and energy saving;Safety and Reliability

– The shell is made of Integrated polyurethane foam, better heat insulation;

– High ambient resistance, work properly under the terrible environment;

– Multiple protection to make the system more reliable;

– Optimized frame structure has passed vibration durability and corrosion resistance test;

 Intelligent control

– Precise control system with multiple-function driver panel and dual zone cooling;

–  Multiple alarm, convenient human-computer interface which make operation and maintenance more easily;

–  Solving the problem of frosting under high humidity conditions by defrost logic;

–   CAN interface is integrated into control panel with strong expansibility;

–   With bulit-in GPS & BEIDOU system, real time monitoring can be done through mobile phone and computer and electricall reports can be provided.

MOB600 Technical Data 

Model Diesel Engine Driven


Model MOB 600
Temp.Range -20℃-0℃


Compressor QP21/25cm³
Cooling Capacity A.T.P.U.N Standard@30℃ ambient
0℃ 5800W
-20℃ 2850W
Power supply 12V/24V
Current 48A/24A
Dimension 1590*450*635mm
Net.Weight 92kg
Evaporator blower flow rate

(@0 static,pressure)

Q’ty of the condenser fans 2
Q’ty of the evaporator fans 3
Dual Zone Cooling Optional
Heating Optional


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